Dale has been in the financial industry for over 20 years. He is a CWPP™ (Certified Wealth Preservation Planner™) and has a degree in finance. He also holds membership in the Wealth and Wisdom Institute and does college planning.

Many parents are not aware of the many different options available to finance their retirement. The information that is often found through research on the internet is, unfortunately, quite often incorrect. This leads parents to believe they have access to all the correct information.

EMS Financial Enterprises is for parents who must make the choice between their children’s college education, if applicable, and their own secure retirement or other limiting variables in between Usually these tough calls are unnecessary. As an astute specialist in the retirement planning field who provides an unrivaled level of service, Dale strives to educate his clients on how to prepare wisely and avoid loss by providing conservative options with minimal risk. He has the experience, knowledge and caring, which sets him apart from others, to help and show you how to navigate this difficult process to accomplish both.

Dale continually takes advantage of WPI’s wisdom and knowledge that only years of front line experience in all facets of financial planning can bring. You will have the same advantage as well. He will also educate on how to pay for college without jeopardizing your retirement. Evaluating current retirement savings, annual and projected contribution and matches along with any other anticipated retirement resources will give parents advanced knowledge which could make the difference between unintentionally having to work well beyond the desired retirement date, or a successful and happy retirement. While parents are free to make their own decisions with respect to how much to commit to their retirement, he wants his clients to have the ability to make them with adequate knowledge and in consideration of the net financial impact. A retirement forecast provides insight, without which, parents financial future may be put into jeopardy unnecessarily.