The majority of financial gurus believe that asset protection is ultimately all about helping clients to protect their money from “typical” creditors in a negligence suit. A typical creditor might be a patient who sues a doctor for malpractice, or someone who slips, falls, and sues the owner of the property.

It’s true that, if you have money, you’ll want to protect yourself from typical creditors. However, there are a number of other creditors that you’ll want to protect yourself from, including:

  • The IRS — Every year, high-income clients pay enormous amounts in taxes. With the proper protection, your tax bill can be substantially reduced.
  • The stock market — If you had money invested in the stock market from 2007 to 2009 when it lost 59 percent of its value, you might have felt helpless. We can help you to position your assets in wealth-building tools that protect the majority of your funds.
  • Estate taxes — It’s common for clients to be concerned about the taxes takes out of their estate when they pass. Advanced estate planning methods not utilized by the average advisor can help you leave behind more for your heirs.
  • Long-term care expenses — This is the primary creditor for clients over 65. We can help you to protect yourself from LTC expenses with methods such as FIAs and single premium life policies.

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