Structured and designed to entail so much more than simple savings and investments plans, effective financial planning involves a scope of elements including asset protection, tax programs, investments and estate planning measures. Your financial puzzle could not be considered complete without every piece securely in place. Working with individuals with a variety of portfolio sizes, our experts strive for complete protection and sensible growth. Backed by more than two decades of experience, the principal advisors at EMS Financial are exceptionally adept at navigating the often confusing waters of financial planning.

Utilizing tried-and-true, risk-minimizing strategies, we fill in your financial picture with:

Asset Protection — Safeguarding what is already yours, we work to keep your home, business, investments and other assets secure through a variety of insurance solutions and other asset protection measures. Combining both business and estate planning techniques, we make sure that you’re legally able to protect what is yours from future creditors or lawsuits.

Income Planning — After a lifetime of hard work, you deserve to retire comfortably. If approached correctly, your retirement plan should have a built-in source of dependable monthly income that lasts your entire lifetime. Combining investments, IRA accounts, Social Security benefits, and annuities, we make sure your portfolio is diversified enough to ensure peace of mind throughout your golden years.

Tax Planning — Why work so hard on investing and wealth accumulation if you risk it all to paying unnecessary taxes? The intent of financial planning is to secure your future, not to give it over to the government. By comprehensively assessing every aspect of your financial and retirement plans, we can help you avoid the costly, hidden pitfalls within tax codes.

Estate Planning — From the drafting of a will or trust to the implementation of life insurance, your financial plan must include strategies for after you’ve passed on. Without a solid, straightforward blueprint, your estate becomes vulnerable to the risk of loss.


Find out more about our comprehensive approach to personal and organizational finance protection and growth by contacting an EMS Financial Enterprises associate now. We promise personalized service that meets your needs while exceeding your expectations.