Risk Management

The first decade of the 2000’s was an absolutely lousy decade if you were an investor. Consider that from 2000 to 20002, the S&P declined 47 percent and the NASDAQ declined an astounding 78 percent. It didn’t get much better later on when, from 2007 to 2009, the S&P dropped 56 percent and a 60/40 mixture of stocks and bonds declined by 33 percent.

If you were a buy and hold investor, this was truly a lost decade, one where you wouldn’t start to see a recovery of what was lost until January of 2013. Just think, all that time lost, all that potential lost, all those people who had their nest egg hollowed out. Maybe you don’t think it could happen to you, but remember that the Fed has ended QE and began rate hikes, and there are rumblings that a recession might be on the horizon.

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